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Despair's Journal

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Saturday, March 14th, 2009
5:36 pm
Sometimes I wonder how I got to this point. At least I got a new job....

current mood: depressed
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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
4:09 pm - I now have internet at home. YEAH!
ok so for the people who don't have my myspace here's an update:

I no longer work for Barnes and Noble booksellers because well.... they are not nice people. I do not want to say more.
I am a stay at home mom for the most part. I also work at my landlords daycare when she needs me. I do enjoy staying home with the kids for the most part. Virgie can say otherwise to this after the convo we had two days ago. lol
Brennan is doing well. He has my temper so anyone who knows me knows thats a bad thing. lol. He's a very passive kid unless provoked. Then watch out. Bren loves loves loves his little brother. He gets mad if I put E to bed without letting him kiss E goodnight.
Eoin is doing well also. He scared the poop out of me today but thats a different story. He is slowly gaining weight but he is growing taller faster then he is gaining weight. But I'm sure that eventually his weight will catch up.
Paul has been very sick the past couple of days. So he's been in bed for 85% of the time. And he's missed two and a half days of work.
Paul and I are great when I'm not crabby. Sometimes I hate being couped up in the house. And when I get in a bad mood watch out.
I think that's about it.

current mood: worried
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Saturday, September 13th, 2008
4:57 pm - update
So went back to work after a lovely 6 weeks off after having eoin. I work 40 plus hours on top of running after a 23 month old, breastfeeding a 7 week old, and generally cleaning and maintaing out amazing house. no wonder why i've dropped all the preggy weight already. granted i only gain 13lbs with the last one but still.
i hurt my elbow on tuesday going down a huge twisty slide at the park since bren decided to while sitting on my lap push me against the side of the plastic slide. so now i have plastic burn on my elbow. ow.
eoin is doing really well. he is almost 8lbs and one week shy of 2 months. he is still eating mainly breast milk but with some formula.
bren is amazing. he can pick out people in pictures, say many sentences like "turn on lights" and "sit down now" and he absolutely loves his little brother. he trys to help me feed him and burp him. he will also bring blankets and kiss his head while i'm changing eoins diaper.
paul and i are fantastic. working a lot so we dont see each other very often but when we do its great. we have people over every thursday night to hang out, drink if wanted, play video games and board games. lots and lots of fun.

current mood: enthralled
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Monday, August 4th, 2008
9:03 pm - very freakin early
so eoin michael thomas carmon decided that on july 25 2008 at 3:06pm to make his debut. he was not expected until sept 4. apparently my body just hates me. i went into labor at 11:30pm on the 24th, went to the hospital at 8am, then had the baby at 3:06pm. much thanks to jamie, mom, and everyone else who was there to support me.

current mood: distressed
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Saturday, July 19th, 2008
11:17 am - 2 months to go
So, since last i posted the following things have happened:
-we (aka paul, bren and myself) have moved into our new duplex
-my name change papers finally went through ( about damn time to!)
-went down to LBI to visit with my family for 5 days
-on the way to LBI stopped at palisades, had some sushi and visited the amazing john hickey and the rest at barnes
-bren is talking a lot and can identify 8 different body parts by name and can point them out on himself and others
-had to retake the stupid servsafe test for work, which involved having to drive two hours each way with my store manager who kept looking at me like i was going to explode or something
-completely set up the baby's room, just waiting on baby now
-got my dress for jamies wedding and set up a time to get it altered since i will be 8 months preggy for the wedding.

i think that's about it....

current mood: sore
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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
9:28 am - Moving
Moving again. YAY!!!!!! its going to be a long day but at the end of the day i will be living in a 3 bedroom duplex with an amazing landlord. and well i dont have to move boxes so thats great.

current mood: ecstatic
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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
7:22 pm - YAY!!!!!
Its official. We are having another boy. Yay!!!! and no matter what paul likes i hope we go with Eoin Michael Carmon. cause come on how good would brennan and eoin go together?
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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
12:45 pm
So, i'm the laziest person in the world. Its been 3 months since my wedding and i still have not changed my name. so i have to go today to social security office then if everything goes well then i have to go to the rmv (dmv for my new yorkers) and change my licence. then everything should be ok.
At 415 i have to bring bren to the doctors again since hes clearly still sick. i changed doctors since the old one sucks. and now i have to call the health insurance to let them know and i have to let my gyno know so she can write down the new doctor for the baby.
Oh by the way for anyone who doesn't know, We are preggy again. The baby is due Sept. 4. The doctor keeps hinting at twins. i have a ultrasound on the 19th to find out. If it is i think pauls head might explode. fun fun.
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Saturday, December 1st, 2007
8:53 pm - almost a month.......
So. Now that the wedding and honeymoon is over life is somewhat back to normal. typical work stuff, typical home stuff etc. It just doesn't feel real. i mean my name has and is in the process of getting changed but i still don't feel different. then again i don't know if i want to have it different. i love my little family. maybe i'm just weird.

current mood: cold
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Sunday, November 4th, 2007
7:59 pm - YEAH!!!!!!
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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
12:35 pm - AHHHHH
So. i'm getting married in a little more then 2 months. the favors are not completely done. the centerpieces are. my dress is amazing yet am still fighting with getting it fitted and bussled. my bridesmaids are all quietly fighting. the groomsmen are fantastic. the bachelorette party is going to be intresting. and the bridal shower even more so. i mean come on my virgie is throwing it... with my mom.... scary thought. and we still need to figure out what we want engraved on the wedding bands. at least we picked them out and are slowing playing them off. my parents are coming up this weekend so my dad can get measured for his tux. the invitations are back from the printer and are amazing. i'm freaking out just a little bit.even just looking at halloween costumes for brennan is getting to me since halloween is three days before the wedding.

current mood: crazy
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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
8:36 am
So. to answer the basic questions: yes brennan is great. he's over 20lbs, is trying to crawl but usually rolls around to wherever he wants to go.bren is also trying to talk. he can get out ma, and da, and mi, basicly, mommy, mama, daddy, and mimi so all the people that take care of him usually. the wedding plans are going well. my dress stuff is still a huge pain in the ass but what else is new about that? i finally had all my bridesmaids together a few weeks ago so they could order their dresses. very fun day. paul is doing quite well. is finally writing again after much prodding from me. the only problem is that he stays up all night to do it.
as for me: i'm fine. work is ok. i'm in charge of the whole frap festival thing in my store. if i do well great, if not no big deal really. i work with very lovely people. i do miss my yonkers people, and some of my very old palisades peoeple.
for the past two days, i haven't been able to eat anything. anytime i eat anything is comes right back up. plus side to that, it will help me lose weight that i desperatly need to. negative side is felling like crap. i've walking into walls both at home and work. i dont completely trust myself to drive pauls car since its a standard so i get very bored and very dizzy. i apparently fell down and hurt myself quite badly at about 4am. i dont remember thought but my left arm and ankle hurt so much. i think its just stress and nerves causing all this but who knows? as long as i dont get a huge fever i'll be fine.
Supposed to go out tonight for beer and wings. but with the baby means paul gets to drink and i dont. which might not be a bad thing right now. besides i met and like drew and melissa so at least i wont be too too shy around them.
baby boy is waking up and calling out for his mamamamamama. much fun day today with just me and the second love of my life. then patricks for wings with the first love, one of the bestmen and his girlfriend. happy day.

current mood: crappy
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Sunday, April 15th, 2007
11:23 pm
I dont know whats going on lately. I'm not in a rut or anything. I'm happy at work. I actually like who i work with for the most part. I love my son. He is my heart, my love, my everything. i didn't know i could love anything as much as i love him. I love my paulie. He is amazing and we get along great. I love my in-laws. as weird as that sounds. Pauls mom is more a mom to me then my own. jamie and jarrett are amazing. and allie is finally opening up to me. i even have some friends up here that actually want to hang out with me.
but i don't know. i guess i do miss new york. i miss being able to see virgie pretty much whenever i want. i miss the fact that me and her could just drop everything and go to the beach. i miss going to the beach whenever i wanted. its my favorite place in the world. i do miss a lot of things. its just hard. i do love it up here a lot. its so beautiful. even when its snow-raining like it was today. i just dont know. i know how paul felt when he lived in rockland. i think i just need to visit and get my rockland fix. as odd as that sounds.
i am coming down on may 13th... aka mothers day. my first real mothers day. but seeing as my son is six months old i dont really expect anything. besides me makes me happy everyday. even when hes screaming at the top of his lungs because he fell down and hit his chin i think he is the cutest thing in the world.
i dont know maybe i'm just being insane and such be happy with what i have. many people dont have what i do. ignore me i'm just being self involved.
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Saturday, February 10th, 2007
7:55 pm

I am a tandem cycle!
Find your own pose!

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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006
12:25 pm - Lee, MA
So it feels weird to not be in ny. And despite what paul says it is colder up here then in the rock. i mean we have already had snow. not just flurries. It is amazingly beautiful here though. I'm missing people back home but i'm really happy here. I mean i have my sister here with my fiance and my perfect little boy. I should be working out... need to lose the weight before the wedding. granted its not for like 10 months but still.
hey mattie if it wouldn't be weird would you be the photo master at the wedding?
I wish everyone the happiness that i have here. Moving away out of state is enough to change you. my grumpyness has finally lifted. if anyone wants to see what i get to see everyday look up THE BERKSHIRES. I'm in the heart of them.

current mood: energetic
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Sunday, November 26th, 2006
10:15 pm - wow
it feels like there is no more time. everything is going by so fast... i'm leaving new york state. it just feels weird saying that. i feel like i've been wanting this for so long at least 3 years now. but paul, bren and myself are moving to mass on the 3rd. one week from today. i wish the conditions were a bit better... but we will get on our feet. there are way more people up there that love us then there is down here anyway. i've just always seen myself as a new york girl, now i'm going to have to reregister my car, change over my licence-(though i hope to hold that off until after the wedding), get myself and bren on masshealth... etc etc. its just scary... it will be good though.. i can feel it. i mean i love it up there anyway and jamie and jarret will be a big- huge- help with everything. and jamie and i have already become fast friends so at least i have her. sorry for babbling just nervous.
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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
6:44 am
just to let anyone know, little man aka brennan is doing fine and is home with us. we went to mass. for halloween so brennan could trick o treat with his cuz allie. so i was with a little puppy, which the costume was huge and will be good next year, and a cat/witch. very cute. and on the plus side paul and i get the candy allie picked out for bren. as for me, i think i hurt myself and walking to the docs appointment should be intresting. but it was worth it.
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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
7:29 pm
So i went to the regular doctors appointment last thursday. My blood pressure was high, still. then i was sent to the hospital. you gotta love that doctors freak you out with threats of inducing. i was held overnight thursday night due to the blood pressure. and there i was held captive under the same excuse until sunday morning. That morning, the doctors came in to do my vitals and found that the baby's heart rate was failing. i had food ripped away from me, was prepped for the OR and was loaded down with drugs. I was ready for the emergency c-section. needless to say it was the weirdest thing to have happened to me to this date. i could feel them cutting me but could feel no pain. with held breath i waited for the sound that every mother waits for, the baby to cry. after hearing that i was able to relax. i was told later on that the cord was wrapped around his neck and he had ambionic fluid in his lungs. it was very lucky that he made it at all. after the staples and all the drugs i could barely remember sunday or monday. and i was finally released today. little brennan is still in the intensive care nursery but is doing amazingly well. now i need to relax.
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Friday, October 6th, 2006
10:10 pm
long time no post lol......

So just as an update, my little boy was supposed to be due on november 19. but according to the doctor today, they want me to "hang in" for a few more weeks. weeks..... so instead of having a november baby, i'll have an end of october baby. just a little freaked out.... i get to see the doctors twice a week until they decide to induce me. all due to hypertension. at least i know that brennan is completely healthy, (and is already 4lbs in my tummy!) its just me. big surprise. but i can't wait to see my little boy.
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Thursday, September 21st, 2006
8:54 pm - Help!!
Since i'm going to be bedridden for a while until the baby is born, please someone suggest a good video game for gamecube, N64 or PS2. I'm going crazy...
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